AppCannon Software

Gestures. Gestures everywhere

Gestures are the basis of Swish. Reach out and grab the air around your computer. A simple flick of the wrist can be used to perform virtually any action on your Mac. With many different gestures to choose from with even more in testing/development, Swish will completely redefine your computer experience.

Configuration for the smallest detail

Need to change the volume of your Mac quickly and easily? There's an action for that! Often switch between your favorite web browser and word processor? Simply set those apps to be opened via a gesture.

Take advantage of the many different possible gestures and set your own personal configuration. Choose from a list of predefined system actions, set applications to be opened, or write your own custom keyboard shortcut, all to be triggered as soon as you complete a swipe in the air! Our customization options are simple and yet quite powerful, allowing for many possible combinations and setups.

Switch from one app to another

Find yourself switching between different applications often? Application multitasking is one of the greatest functions of modern computing and is only expanded with Swish. Simply perform a double tap gesture with a single finger (don't worry, our tutorial shows you how) to open the App Switcher. From there, all of your currently open applications are displayed, similar to pressing Command + Tab on your keyboard. A point and a tap is all it takes to switch to another app and continue working.
Unfortunately, Swish is no longer available for purchase. If you would like to know more about Swish or wish to obtain a copy, let us know. We would be glad to assist you.