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QGeneral: I have some amazing ideas for your apps. What do I do?

That sounds great! We always love to get feedback/ideas from our customers. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page, send us an email, or contact us on Twitter.

QSwish: Why is Swish disabled?

Many different situations can cause Swish to be disabled. The most common solution to this problem is solved by clicking on the Swish icon in the menu bar and clicking "Enable Swish". If this option is greyed out, then your problem is one of the following:
  • Your Leap Motion Controller is not properly connected to your computer. Check all of the connections to the device (make sure the cable is properly plugged into the computer and into the device).
  • The Leap Motion software is not running. Verify that the Leap Motion software is running and visible in your menu bar. Also confirm that the Leap Motion icon in your menu bar is green or orange.
  • If you followed the steps above and Swish is still not operational, contact Leap Motion.

QSwish: Can you use your feet?

Yes, we were actually asked this

As it turns out, the Leap Motion Controller does not have out of the box feet support and as a result, Swish does not support the use of feet.

Sometimes things don't work just right

Have other questions, comments, or issues with our software? Send us an email or contact us on Twitter. We would be more than happy to talk and work with you to resolve any issue you might have. We're here to help.